Trudy-Ann Grant

My name is Trudy-Ann Grant and I am from Jamaica. I received my Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and a minor in Chemistry from

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Jane Maureen Jayakumar

I am a Masters Student pursuing a degree in Biotechnology interested in the bacterial pathogenesis and immune evasion. Specifically, I study the evolution of virulence and host colonization

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Mario Lopez-Perez, Ph.D.

I am a visiting Postdoctoral Fellow from the University Miguel Hernandez in Alicante (Spain) where I am a senior fellow in the Laboratory of Dr. Francisco Rodriguez

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Destiny Carroll

I am a Masters Student pursuing a degree in Biomedical Sciences (Integrated Medical Sciences) interested in the mechanisms regulating bacterial dormancy in Vibrio cholerae. I graduated with

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Kaitlyn Gregorio

I am a Medical Student at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine. I will be working with the Moreno Lab during my first

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