Congrats to Mario and Jane on their PNAS paper!

In their paper published today in PNAS, Mario and Jane dissect the molecular adaptations and ecological factors that facilitate the emergence of pathogenic bacteria. Read more about it here.

Dr. Moreno has been awarded a Scialog Fellowship on ‘Mitigating Zoonotic Threats’. Congrats!

This Scialog will bring together early-career scientists from multiple disciplines to form an interdisciplinary community to catalyze basic scientific advances related to: rapid detection, identification, and diagnosis of pathogens and threats; mechanisms and inhibition of emerging and zoonotic disease pathogenesis; new approaches to vaccine development including methods that speed development or lead to broad-spectrum immunity; and […]

Postdoctoral positions available

Looking for enthusiastic postdoctoral scholars with a Ph.D. in bioinformatics/genomics, molecular biology or associated disciplines to complement our investigations into the emergence and evolution of bacterial pathogens. Please refer to the ad below for more details.

Congrats to Deepak on his paper!

This review analyzes the factors that led to the Cholera epidemic in Latin America and provides clues into preventing future outbreaks.

Jane’s latest paper!

Jane developed a protocol for efficient electroporation into Vibrio vulnificus that will greatly help in further studies on this pathogen. Congrats!